VR eye for the print guy

3D Printed Drawings made in Virtual Reality, UWE Bristol

After recently attending a workshop entitled Volume to Voxel (put together by the UWE fabrications team) I have been able to begin considering the mediated relationships between drawing, modeling, scanning and printing – using virtual reality software. Although initial thoughts are still processing the possibility to experience a space that enables one to create (and manipulate) images as virtual forms is somewhat ‘physically’ liberating – yet  visually perplexing.
The images below are a continuation of an idea started during a residency at the University of Texas at Austin in January 2018.  The work builds upon the idea of the remake (associated with printmaking as a reproductive medium) and the possibility to enact a physical / material characteristic associated with digital images and environments.



Image preparation for Laser Engraving, UT Austin
Laser Engraved image into MDF, UT Austin
Clay relief form engraving used for scan and import into VR, UWE Bristol
VR View of 3D scanned form enlarged