something about text and image

Aristotle‘The best metaphoric analogies were the ‘graphic’ where the writers words should cause the listener to see things’.

Aristotle suggested that metaphor by proportion or analogy is most significant to the visual arts. Although the word graphic has a number of definitions I thought it would be interesting to begin locating analogies (within fictional texts) that make use of image making associations to the graphic ‘arts’. Why? Well I admire the craft of writing or perhaps more importantly what ‘can’ happen during the act of reading  i.e. when the written words recede into a mental image without you realising, basically the opening sentence to this post – it’s a simple thing but an amazing thing never the less. Anyway I’m not a writer, more of an image maker / thinker, something that has led me to make / write this post. Okay I’m getting to it.

As an image thinker I am always keen to consider how images work beyond the makers domain (the irony being I often think through making), how they function, what happens to them in different contexts and how a new understanding and appreciation may emerge. So imagine finding texts that use the graphic as an analogy and through the act of reading we end up falling inside of our beloved images.

Here are a couple to give you an idea:

‘…for a few seconds the house fell as quiet as a photograph’.

Douglas Coupland, The Gun Thief.

‘It was as if another Overlook now lay scant inches beyond this one, separated from the real world (if there is such a thing as a ‘real world’, Jack thought) but gradually coming into balance with it. He was reminded of the 3-D movies he’d seen as a kid. If you looked at the screen without the special glasses, you saw a double image – the sort of thing he was feeling now. But when you put the glasses on, it made sense.’

Stephen King, The Shining.

…drop me a line if you know of any.