Satisfaction Guaranteed

Beneficial Shock, The Sex Issue, 2018

Laidler, P. (2018) Satisfaction Guaranteed, Beneficial Shock, Issue 3, pp 78-83 ISSN 2399-5173

I was recently invited to write and illustrate an article for the Unconventional Cinematic Adventures Magazine Beneficial Shock. Each issue sets a themed topic for writers, illustrators and designers to research and respond to – in an unconventional nature. The first two publications presented the themes of food and the mind, the third issue posits sex as the theatrical field of inquiry! Needless to say I pitched a technological angle that referenced SciFi – keeping in mind that all good Science Fiction entertains possible futures!

The fully illustrated article (and many others) on the theme of cinematic sex can be found on the Beneficial Shock website but for now here is a preview of the beginning pages and opening paragraph.

Benefical Shock, Layout design by Gabriel Solomons

The Pleasure Bot, the Gynoid, the Electric-Gigolo, or my personal favorite the Romeo Droid are just some of Science Fiction’s contributions to the development of the android as sex worker. Notably (and as any Sci-fi aficionado would remind us) such technological foresight is often a precursor to our own – not too distant future. It will therefore come as no surprise that the development of artificial intelligence and virtual reality are considered to be the missing link within the sex industry and the manufacture of technologically-enhanced products and experiences. Similarly, many esteemed futurologists are predicting that by 2050 (not 2049) artificial intelligence will have become so integrated within society that it will be commonplace for humans to have sex with robots… Now scrub that image out of your head and let’s remind ourselves that all technology (if we listen to Charlie Brooker) should come with a warning sign. Sexnology (that’s Sex + Technology) is probably pretty high up there on the cautionary list, but whether we like it or not people ‘The robots are coming’ – no pun intended!