Printmaking – new and old technologies – a conversation

ArteLaidler, P. and Coldwell, P. (2012) Printmaking – new and old technologies – a conversation. Porte Arte, 19 (32). ISSN 2179-80011

The article  ‘Printmaking – new and old technologies — a conversation’ was developed during a collaborative print studio project between myself and Prof Paul Coldwell. During the production of a print edition Prof Coldwell and I would discuss the use of the printed image and the role of technology within our practices. Through these conversations we talked about the ongoing relationship between old and new technologies within fine art printmaking. The resulting article explores how ideas move between virtual and real, and the need for printmakers to engage with physical objects. As case studies Prof Coldwell and I reflect on the making of particular works, in this instance I discuss the Laser engraved “Murmurs from Earth” and Coldwell refers to his laser cut relief prints “Lines and Branches“.