Pay Close Attention

Laidler, P. (2013) Pay Close Attention. CFPR, Bristol. Grabado Y Edicion Print and Art Edition Magazine (g&e) (37). pp. 42-50. ISSN 1886- 2306

The article discusses how the technically led research inquiries at the Centre for Fine Print Research (situated within the University of the West of England, Bristol) extend into activities with artists and designers. For example the production of artworks in the past have often been initiated by process-orientated research where a resulting artwork often fulfils the role of an exemplar artefact or proof of concept for a particular material, tool or technique that is being investigated. In this research context all artworks are based upon, and informed by the production of the physical artefact that is primarily predicated in print.

More recently (and as part of an early career research grant that I managed to receive) the CFPR has sought to broaden its artistic endevors through the publishing of print editions within an art market context. As the academic lead for editioning of prints with artists I wanted to also use the publishing model as a means to contribute to the wider debate of post digital practices in the graphic arts. For the Grabado Y Edicion Print and Art Edition Magazine I interviewed Designer and Creative Director Phil Lee (of London based independent record label XL Recordings) about the impact of download culture on the music industry. More specifically the role of the physical product in todays industry and why XL Recording’s are keen to invest in bespoke design for print and packaging.

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