(Non) Graphic Images

IMG_8843Laidler, P. Mandrile, C. Super, A. (2014) (Non) Graphic Images of Violence: A studio conversation, g&e Print and Art Edition Magazine (www.grabadoyedicion.com/), ISSUE 42, pp 33 – 39 ISSN 1886-2306.

The article in g&e Print and Art Edition Magazine is a co/authored text in the form of a studio conversation between two researchers and an artist. The two researchers are Dr Cecilia Mandrile and myself with the artist Andrew Super.

The premise of the conversation is based around the process of making printed artworks with artists. Both Cecilia Mandrile and I are interested in developing commentary where the creative practice of art play’s an instrumental part in an inquiry. To develop these practice-related inquiries we worked with artist Andrew Super who’s practice encounters and in some instances challenges our research based interests to produce a printed artwork in our studio. For this conversation we were interested in exploring current print conventions and the new coalescence of digital technologies, as a means to locate the graphic artefact in post-digital creative practices.

32-39 GRAN ANGULAR 5.indd
Start of article in Grabado Y Edicion Print and Art Edition Magazine