Looking through the eyes of machines as students

International Student Exchange Exhibition

In January 2016 fifteen UWE Art and Design students were selected from Graphic Art disciplines to contribute to an international student exchange exhibition with Maryland Institute College of Art, (MICA) Baltimore USA. The exchange exhibition was developed as part of a touring exhibition (of US Universities between 2015 & 2017) entitled Just Press Print that is currently on show at MICA. The Just Press Print exhibition at MICA runs parallel to a new 16-week course entitled Print and Technology taught by MICA faculty lecturers Johnathan Thomas and Robert Tillman. The class will examine how technology has expanded conceptual and procedural possibilities for making prints. The work generated by the MICA students during the Print and Technology class will be used to produce a printed edition for the student exchange portfolio with UWE and will be exhibited in both Bristol and in Baltimore.

Stuart Cannell, Screen Print, MA Printmaking

The UWE student brief continues the technological approach to making from the MICA Print and Technology class and also borrows from part of the conceptual narrative behind the Just Press Print Exhibition. The narrative aims to comment upon a postdigital view of the Graphic Arts and what this sounds like from a maker’s perspective. The inquiry also aims to elaborate on what a postdigital graphic art might look like and what type of thinking is involved. This ‘behind the scene’s’ narrative is also influenced by early writings on The New Aesthetic and technological based statements from the author Bruce Sterling, where his writings felt like some visual inquiry was needed. For example Mr Sterling suggested in 2012 that, ‘There truly are many forms of imagery nowadays that are modern, and unique to this period. We’re surrounded by systems, devices and machines generating heaps of raw graphic novelty’. Some indications as to what this may look like can be found on a Pinterest board that I have begun compiling entitled Analogue after digital. To view the series of images you must first be signed in to Pinterest.

The UWE student brief for the exchange portfolio invites participants to explore the development of today’s technologically informed scene. Students have been asked to respond to one of the following quotes / ruminations below (that allude to many of the artists works in the Just Press Print exhibition) by Bruce Sterling.

‘Looking through the eyes of machines as humans’ and ‘An eruption of the digital into the physical’.

UWE Students have also been asked to document their thoughts and processes during the making of the work with a view to creating a publication similar to the Working Proof: Featuring Just Press Print publication.

UWE courses and selected students include:
BA Illustration: Olivia Beckett, Tom Handy, Jono KamesterSteve McCarthy and Willem Purdy
BA Graphic Design: Jamie Burns, Eleanor Elliott-Rathbone, Ruth Irvine, Evangelina Anna Papadopoulos and Matilda Scott
MA Printmaking: Stuart Cannell, Nick Greenglass, Judy Lau, Jono Sandilands and Stephanie Turnbull

The portfolio of print will be restricted to A3 sized works on paper (or appropriate substrates) and any print process may be used (mechanical or digital). Each student will produce an edition of 6
 prints. The prints will be distributed as follows:
(1/6 & 2/6 to be exhibited in MICA and UWE)
(3/6 & 4/6 for respective archives)
(5/6 & 6/6 for further exhibition opportunities)

The UWE half of the student exchange exhibition had their first group meeting today. Some early workings from the students can be seen below, more to follow in the coming weeks.

Jude Lau, Printed Animation, MA Printmaking

Nick Greenglass, Relief Print, MA Printmaking
Steve MCcarthy, Inkjet Print, BA Illustration
Jono Sandilands, Blender screen grab, MA Printmaking