Impact 10

The Impact 10 Printmaking Conference maybe over but Print certainly isn’t dead. Many thanks to the organisers and all the contributors for sharing. I was happy to have presented a number of prints from the Looking through the eyes of machines exhibition at the CC Juan Carlos Calderón gallery alongside exhibitions from recent UWE postgraduate (PhD/MA Print) students Angie Butler, Catherine Cartwright & Leonie Bradley.

The conference was also a great opportunity to meet up with a number international print colleagues  (some already acquainted and some new) to exchange ideas with and discuss possible future opportunities / projects. For example, I was humbled to be invited back to the University of Madrid by Dr Margarita González (Assistant Professor & Vice Dean of Culture) to give a lecture and develop the exhibition that I presented at the Impact 10 Conference. I was able to meet up with Fiona Quill program leader of the BA(Hons) Contemporary Printmaking program (and her team) at Limerick School of Art and Design – where I will be the new external examiner from Oct 2018. I was also able to see a presentation from Altea Grau Vidal  PhD student at University Arts London who I will be examining in Easter next year. Similarly, I had the chance to attend a number of talks that I will be using to develop teaching content and future journal articles. I also had the opportunity to meet with three International artists / academics (Eszter Sziksz, Justin Diggle and Sumi Perera) who I had selected to exhibit at the 5th Contemporary Print Austin exhibition in Jan 2018.

Thank you for funding the trip UWE (smiley face).