Festival of Ideas Competition

UWE Student & Alumni Competition
Bristol Festival of Economics Competition 2018

Competition Deadline: 24th Oct 2018
Cash Prizes: First £200,
 Second & third £75
Duration of Brief: 3-4 weeks
UWE Link Tutor: Paul.Laidler@uwe.ac.uk

The Festival of Economics takes place annually in Bristol in November. It is now in its seventh year. The festival brings together economists and other experts from around the world to debate with each other – and their audiences – some of the key economic questions of our time.
The festival organisers are now seeking image entries from UWE artists and designers for the forthcoming event. The team are keen to see images that reflect the festivals content (see PDF brochure for event descriptions below) and the overall ethos of the Bristol Festival of Economics as ‘experts for the everyday, human centric and no jargon’.


Artwork & Format: In order to avoid using potentially boring headshots to promote topics or panels the festival would prefer to use themed Illustrations (see festival theme link below). Therefore, a single image should be composed in sections or panels which lend themselves to be cropped into the square format and used for the event image online. If you look at the linked page below, you can see how the full panel image (at the top) is broken into individual sections (scroll down) that relate to specific topics: http://www.ideasfestival.co.uk/themes/festival-economics/

Image / format information: 1:2 aspect ratio, minimum 800 x 418 pixels (max file size 3MB), Format: JPEG or PNG

The full image will need to include the following text information and logo’s:

Title: Economics Festival November 2018
Dates: 7th-10th November 2018
Twitter: @FestivalofIdeas 
Text:’ The festival is presented in association with’ Triodos (includes Triodos logo). This text needs suitable and prominent placement in the title of the festival.
Other Logos: UWE/ University of Bristol/ Arts Council England/ Festival of Ideas/ BusinessWest (Logos supplied as a block)

Logo’s & extended competition information can be downloaded here:
Triodos Logo
Festival of Ideas Logo
UWE/ University of Bristol/ Arts Council England/ Festival of Ideas/ BusinessWest (Logos supplied as a block)

Extended Competition Information

Submissions should be emailed to the UWE Link Tutor Paul.Laidler@uwe.ac.uk with your full name, course and social media links.