Chasing Petrol Stations

How an edition begins, C. Bunt & P. Laidler (email correspondence) 2015
Work in Progess, Carolyn Bunt






A sneak preview of the next Carolyn Bunt petrol station to be developed and editioned as part of Carolyn’s on going dystopian series with CFPR Editions. The recent image was snapped in Lanzarotte adding to previous exotic destinations for capturing her source image, e.g. Argentina, Russia, Reykjavik and… Gloucester.

The development of Carolyn’s Station to Station (Once there were mountains) 2013 image below (photographed in Reykjavik) gives an indication of her subtractive digital editing process, seen here from left to right. Updates over the next few months.

development phases for Station to Station (Once there were mountains) by Carolyn Bunt