“Printed’ 15”!

Mixer presents “Printed’15”! First couple of sentences will be a bit me, me… Early this year I was asked to be part of “Printed’15” – a Printmaking event organised by the Mixer Gallery in Istanbul. Therefore in June (cause I said yes) I will be speaking about producing digital print editions with artists and I’ll also […]

Working Proof

The proof of working or working proof! – Over the next few weeks / months I intend to review some of my past, current and future print related projects by producing what maybe best described as both a beginning and summary publication. In regard to the latter, the publication will consolidate some of my research […]

Nostalgic Returns

Recently had the pleasure of publishing a third fine art print edition with the artist Stanley Donwood. On this occasion I was interested in returning to our digital edition roots in inkjet printing – where it all began! After discussing this nostalgic trip Donwood decided that it would be in keeping for him to do the same. More over […]

Master’s of the Printverse

Collaborative Print Studio Project: On numerous occasions I have witnessed academics, artists, commentators and students make links between new print technologies and Science Fiction. Whether or not this is a light hearted connection it is undoubtedly a reoccurring phenomenon for example; Sci Fi and Print from Printeresting, Sci Fi inspired Workshops at MIT, RISD & Brown and Workshop […]

Multiplied article in the making

Recently returned from our (CFPR Editions) 3rd year at Christies contemporary editions and multiples Fair, also known as Multiplied. Lots of 3D print demos, talks, selling of prints and meeting of exhibitors was had. Will be putting together an article for Printeresting with artist Andrew Super on the event and its exhibitors soon. Not rushing this News […]

Moving Just Press P

Decided to move from blogspot to word press over the summer after having some lovely years with blogger. Will never forget those winter evenings adding crazy side bar widgets and the utter disgust when delicious made its tag cloud incompatible – how very dare you. Bye, bye hello