Bleeding Pixels

Paul Ferragut, Time Print Machine

Paul Ferragut, Time Print Machine

Came across the artist Paul Ferragut some time ago but as this specific work is time based then maybe this is a timely post!

Ferragut’s Time Printing Machine creates a pixelated aesthetic that is realized through durational deposits of ink on paper. By using a time based algorythm to drive a mechanical plotter Ferragut has devised a mark making system that optimizes the relationship between material absorption and image rendering. Ferragut explains “The time print device uses blotting paper with Letraset felt-pen. The felt-pen ink bleed in the paper for a duration relative to the grey value of a pixel. Every “time stain” gradually recreates any image in a pointilist style.” The work was produced for Ferragut’s MA show at London Central St Matins  in 2011.

See Ferragut’s time print machine video below.

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