Colourstory Collaboration Continued…

a_appThe continued collaboration with the Colourstory project has become possible after a second successful bid with REACT – through their Alumni Scheme. This time around the proposal will look to consolidate the project activity and foster further narrative based experiences that bolster the impact potential of the product. The academic collaboration includes myself with the added bonus of Mr Phil O’Shaughnessy (Program Leader BA Interior Design at UWE). Collectively the academic partnership will provide both Art & Design academic expertise, further creative contributions, collate & evidence project activities, develop teaching material and present project findings on an international stage.

In this instance O’Shaughnessy will add to the creative contribution by enabling Colourstory to realize it’s activities from an interior design approach. The process of visually replicating and simplifying predominant colours from imagery has the potential of becoming an influential tool in the analysis of both live and static environments, facilitating customised artifacts to suit.

I will address the impact component by collating, generating and presenting project information toward an impact document. This activity would elucidate upon the development of Colourstory, explore a range of narrative based approaches for a case study and contribute to a REACT steering group on Impact statements.

I have also included the Colourstory project as part of a touring exhibition proposal entitled ‘Just Press Print’ that promotes the physicality of digital endeavours in the field of printmaking. The proposal is part of an exhibition that would tour the USA between 2016 – 18 (open to academic, student and general public audience). The exhibition would include lectures / workshops and be used to initiate a new publication to be produced through Impact Press – entitled Working Proof. The publication will showcase Colourstory as a fine art based project that traverses disciplines and broadened the scope for crafting printed products in the digital age.

Similarly within an educational context both O’Shaughnessy and I will be piloting Colourstory as a teaching component in 2015. For example earlier this year I introduced the project (and its founder) to BA Illustration as a means to consider the broadening possibilities of story telling and narrative forms in the digital age. For Interior Design O’Shaughnessy intends to facilitate studio workshops that analyse light, materials and FF&E solutions for both existing and proposed spatial solutions. More over the Colourstory app (as a studio tool) would be applied to the student’s material investigation, site surveillance, and client profiling as well as colour theory – resulting in the composition of technologically informed colour palettes. More to follow in the coming months.