“Printed’ 15”!

Mixer Printed'15Mixer presents “Printed’15”!

First couple of sentences will be a bit me, me…

Early this year I was asked to be part of “Printed’15” – a Printmaking event organised by the Mixer Gallery in Istanbul. Therefore in June (cause I said yes) I will be speaking about producing digital print editions with artists and I’ll also be exhibiting some of my own work (which is nice) alongside a selection of CFPR Editions artists and other invited international artists.

The Mixer gallery is an art platform that brings a fresh view to the idea of contemporary art space, will be hosting Printed’15 between April 29th and June 14th, an event showcasing limited edition prints, photographs and multiples of both local and international artists.

While Mixer’s exhibition area is welcoming a selection of specially commissioned limited edition prints and photographs by renowned Turkish artists, namely, Ferhat Özgür, Orhan Cem Çetin, Komet, Serkan Taycan, Işıl Eğrikavuk, Çağrı Saray and Bahar Yürükoğlu; Mixer’s Open Space will exhibit prints and photographs of worldwide known artists like Marc Quinn, Liu Bolin and Li Wei. The six-week-long exhibition will be also supported by a series of talks and workshops on printing techniques and limited edition artworks.

You can follow the updated event calendar and workshop schedules at www.mixerarts.com.

Mixer can be visited everyday between 11 am – 7 pm (Sundays 12 pm- 6 pm), except Mondays.



Project Coordinator: Serhat Cacekli

April 29th – June 14th 2015

Address: Mixer, Boğazkesen Cad. No: 45, Tophane, İstanbul
Tel: 0 212 243 54 43
Web: www.mixerarts.com
E-mail: info@mixerarts.com